five songs that will get you moving

Integrate these songs into your usual gym routine and inject some fresh energy into your workout.
  1. Right Round -- flo rida
  2. Like I Love You -- Justin Timberlake (oooh, JT love)
  3. Starstruck -- Lady Gaga
  4. Lose Control -- Missy Eliott
  5. Shake -- ying yang twins
Yeah, I have a preference for pop and hip-hop while in the gym. If you are looking for songs to get you through some interval training, try songs with a good beat to keep you going when it gets tough. I recommend the entire Laga Gaga album for your workout needs, actually. Check it out!

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Starting Over said...

Politics as Usual by Jay-Z, Fancy Footwork by Chromeo, Bossy by Lindsay Lohan, Nasty Boys by Notorious BIG.