great looking source of vegetarian slow-cooker recipes

After several years of being "almost there" when it comes to vegetarianism, I officially declared myself the other day. Not really to anyone other than to myself, scrawled with the date in my journal. "Now is the time", "seize the day", that kind of thing I guess.

Anywho, now I find myself with the ever-challenging question of: what to eat? And tonight it dawned on me. I need to invest in a slow-cooker, stat. I saw a really cute red one at Target the other day, and I remember it being pretty cheap. But what kind of meals can a vegetarian prepare in a slow cooker? I imagined that you could make a lot of things, so I turned to the internets. And look what I found on Amazon! This cookbook is exactly what I need. "Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow-Cooker" has some rave reviews from amazon users. I might need to add this one to my cookbook collection. Can 3 books count as a collection?

Has anyone else read this book? Anyone else a vegetarian, and do you have recipes you swear by? Drop a line!


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You'd better start updating more, missy!

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thought you could relate.

I blog short shorts said...

Will you hook the dollydog artist collective up with a link? www.dollydog.org...I finally got motivated to update the site! You need to update too. I'm having serious withdrawal!